General :
The online application will guide you through the information that needs to be entered, and the supporting documents that need to be uploaded. Once this process is completed, you will be assigned an Application Reference Number. A pdf of your application will be automatically generated.
Please obtain a hardcopy of the pdf document, obtain the necessary signatures related to the coursework component, and submit it to your Supervisor, along with your supporting documents. Further instructions on the submission of the hardcopy will be generated and printed at the time of printing.

  1. Personal Information.
    Please give up to date information. You are required to update any information that is changed during the period of your registration.
    Cage 9: Please give a contact address and telephone number if you cannot be contacted at the address given in cages 7 and 8 at short notice.

  2. Academic Information.
    Cage 10: Please give the Department in which you wish to be registered.
    Cages 14 and 15: Please get the help of your supervisor in filling up these cages. If the coursework involves following subjects or modules from a course, the lecturer's or course coordinator's signature should be obtained in cage 16(c). If the supervisor is responsible for the coursework (e.g. Assignments) supervisor's signature should be obtained.

  3. Previous Educational Qualifications
    Cage 16(d): Please write the effective date as given in the academic transcript and also submit the cetified copies of the degree certificate(s) and academic transcript(s).

  4. Professional Qualifications
    Please indicate any professional qualifications you have including the class of membership and the date.

  5. Details of Relevant Experience
    Please check the eligibility requirements for minimum relevant experience. (Service letter(s) should be attached.)

  6. Research Proposal.
    Please paste word processed proposal, on the space provided. Please follow the instructions given below in preparing the proposal.

    Only a brief outline of the proposed project is expected at this stage. The total length of the proposal should be limited to one page (300-500 words). A more detailed project proposal will need to be prepared on commencement of the project, and submitted at the time of your first Progress Review.

    The following aspects of the proposal should be covered in the proposal:
    1. Topic
    2. Introduction to the project
    3. Objectives
    4. Methodology
    5. Resource requirements and availability (special equipment, computer hardware and software, transport facilities etc)

    The proposal should be prepared in consultation with the supervisor.

    Please get your proposal checked for grammar and spellings before submission.

  7. Referees
    Please give up to date information. You are required to update any information that is changed during the period of your registration.